Do You Love The People Your Business Serves?

May 31, 2021



When you think about your ideal customers, clients, or followers, do you see them as people or do you see them as a commodity to your next business achievement?

On the latest episode of my podcast, The Universe Has Your Business, I shared why creating true connection and growing business from a place of service and compassion is essential for your business.

When you begin to see people as people versus as a commodity for your next business achievement, then you'll start making progress. How exactly do you start doing that?

I encourage you to spend a little bit of time determining three things you want to create with and for your followers.

  • What kind of meaning
  • What kind of relationship
  • What kind of journey

It is an incredible way to re-energize your business, not by doing anything extra or getting a smarter business strategy, but by making sure that you're being mindful of the people that your business is meant to serve.

 After that, have a strategy for revenue. Where are your sales going to come from? What is your business doing activity wise to generate revenue? And I'm going to tell you right now, you're going to have to learn how to be aware of both because revenue is the lifeblood of a business.

Here’s a preview of the episode:

[2:07] See people as people not a commodity for your next business advancement.

[5:14] How to incredibly re-energize your business in a different way? Be mindful of the people that your business meant to serve.

[7:06] Remind yourself often that your WELL-BEING comes from an unlimited source not your customers.

[8:33] Your ultimate prosperity is not contingent upon the activity of the people that interact in your business.

[12:30] Spend time in determining 3 things. Determine what kind of meaning, What kind of relationship and What kind of journey you want to create with your followers.

[12:54] Tune into a feeling of prosperity within yourself. If you do that consistently, the people and the dollars will follow.

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