Are Andrew's courses for me?

Andrew teaches digital entrepre-newbies to turn their specialized knowledge into a 6 or 7-figure soul-focused digital business. His signature program Truth & Business™ is only open for enrollment during certain times of the year, but you can begin with one of his specialty workshops or entry-level courses.

The 2-Day Funnel Launch masterclass is for entrepreneurs struggling to get their first profitable online sales machine built. This immersive workshop takes you through identifying your specialized niche, crafting an irresistible offer, and building out an automated sales machine (funnel) all while staying true to who you are and what your mission is.

Rocket Network Marketing and Launch Pad are designed specifically for dōTERRA Wellness Advocates (his first coaching niche!). Launch Pad is the lite version of Rocket Network Marketing and is best suited to those who are working to get their first enrollments or to get their sales engines back up and running after a period of stagnation.


Can I do Andrew's courses at any experience level?

You sure can! Andrew's courses will help someone right at the beginning get the basics and start earning paychecks while you develop skills and grow a team. They help more experienced leaders fine-tune crucial building skills while learning to break the business down into simple steps for younger builders.

How much time does a course take?

Truth & Business is a digital business school for truth-oriented entrepreneurs. The modules can be used to fill in gaps in your exiting business, or you can go through the course from beginning to end if you're building an online business from scratch. The timing depends on how developed your business is and what your next goals are.

The suggested time to complete all 7 steps in Rocket Network Marketing is 6-12 months. The time investment recommended each week is 10 hours of business-building activities.

Launch Pad takes just 4 weeks.

Does this work with the tools from my company?

Definitely. You can use any, all, or none of the guides and handouts provided by the company alongside the trainings in this program.

Can I share my login with my downline or colleagues?

Your membership is only for you. Please do not share your login info with anyone but your spouse, and please respect the copyright of all included content. If you wish to do a course with your downline, cross line friends, or upline, consider gathering a small group of builders (each enrolled in the course) to do a Strategy Pod!

Are there refunds?

If you’re not satisfied within 30 days of purchasing a program, just send an email to [email protected] 

Where is the Course Workbook?

The Course Workbook is a download in the very first Welcome module. Print it at home or an office store (in black and white to save cost!). If you're viewing the Welcome module on a mobile device, you may need to scroll down to find the downloads.

How should my Upline be involved?

(For Rocket Network Marketing and Launch Pad): All steps can be done independent of an upline. Some steps suggest you work in tandem with your upline, and those steps are outlined with clear instructions on how to do the tasks independently or with your upline.

Where do I go with technical questions or support needs?

Send an email to [email protected] (Please don’t Facebook message Andrew Donovan with support questions.)


What is Strategy Pod?

  • A Strategy Pod is a group of people all doing the Launch Pad mini course or Rocket Network Marketing course together.
  • Courses can be purchased from go.donovanrising.com. 
  • Pod members go through Launch Pad in 4 weeks.
  • Pod members receive a special offer to upgrade to the full Rocket Network Marketing course for a limited discount during their mini course.
  • Accountability calls are organized by pod members themselves, and should happen weekly during the 4 weeks.
  • Talking points for each call are emailed to the Pod members.
  • Everyone in the Pod has registered for the course individually, and therefore gets access to the course, workbooks, and cheat sheets.